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Stressful Day? Consider Tiny Gains | #06

Happy Tuesday! In today’s episode, I talk you through how I manage stress on long and tiring days; with a few mini habits to shift things towards the neutral / positive again. I’d had a long day. I could feel the anxiety under my skin, and I knew I had to do something. Time to focus on the tiny gains and little wins.


We are told to reinvent ourselves by starting from scratch. But the roots of who you are already wait under the layers of ‘shoulds’ the world has given us.

I talk through my approach of baby steps and tiny gains to cope with stress and exhausting days. I cover both the “traditional” and “healthy” self-help ideas, and why I let myself eat a packet of chocolate biscuits too.



    • Limited your caffeine.
    • Pay attention to your body.
    • What have you eaten?
    • Can you exercise?
    • Are your drinking water?
    • Take 10 slow breaths.
    • If you have a pet, spend a few moments with them.
    • Journal.



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