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The Power of Asking What Works for You | #07

Happy Tuesday! In this episode, I talk about a few facts about what people often do around self-help, asking questions about what works, and how some basic knowledge can allow us to make informed decisions.


We are told to reinvent ourselves by starting from scratch. But the roots of who you are already wait under the layers of ‘shoulds’ the world has given us.

Most self-help tools focus on teaching new concepts and skills, but half of the difficulty with reinvention of not understanding what we already know and do. Knowing that eating chocolate does this to my brain would enable me to make informed decisions. Did you know that ‘worrying’ is actually your brain working correctly? We are wired to problem solve, and we don’t know how much control we have over our lives because we are taught to suppress those natural instincts.



What would you like to understand in more detail about yourself? Please leave a comment below, with your biggest takeaway, what you’d like to know about yourself and/or with any questions or suggestions for future podcast episodes.

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