Recognising Your Progress in the Spiral | #08

Happy Tuesday and Happy October!

In today’s episode, I talk about the ‘spiral’ and how I frame those times when we’re having a bit of a down time, a lapse in our progress or feel we’re back to ‘square-one.’


We are told to reinvent ourselves by starting from scratch. But the roots of who you are already wait under the layers of ‘shoulds’ the world has given us.

After having a lapse of my mood and progress in September, I share the ‘spiral’ concept, and talk about how as evolving-beings, we are never back at square-one, especially when it feels that way. I also explain my understanding of a ‘lapse’, and a simple exercise to stay in the present moment when we feel like we’ve just backtracked.




What are your first steps when you’re struggling?

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