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Feeling Agitated? It’s Okay To Let Your Dragon Out | #10

We are ten episodes in. Hai. Double digits. In this week’s episode, I get agitated about how anger is treated… Beginning with a chat about how we are taught not to be angry and the issues with this, and ending with three ‘getting started’ tips for moving anger forward (and out of your body).


We are told to reinvent ourselves by starting from scratch. But the roots of who you are already wait under the layers of ‘shoulds’ the world has given us.

I talk about emotional management, focusing on anger and our inner drive: why anger is important, how we are taught not to be angry, and share a bit about my experience with anger management classes.



Do you have any tips about releasing the inner dragon?

Connect with us in the comments below, share any questions and give any suggestions for future podcast episodes.

Thanks for listening!

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