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On Planning and Envisioning for the New Year | #19

It turns out envisioning is a real word. Who knew? As we reach toward the end of the year, I talk about the importance of (and touch on some of the science around) crafting a life vision and designing how you’d like your life to be to boost your sense of clear direction and motivation.

We plan and prepare and review and check on everything… except our lives.

-Keep a note / write it down/visualise where you are and where you want to be.
-Then ask yourself “are these daily habits taking me toward that goal?”

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And for those who want to see art from 2006 me… (this is a photo from 2007 so it’s shocking quality but hopefully it shares the concept!)

image of life vision, heart, house, blossoming tree, music notes and paint palette, sunshine background

Thanks so much for listening and stay safe over the holiday period. 

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