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The Third Way: Goodbye Either/Or, Hello “And” | #26

Welcome to the myth of either/or.
There is a third way. It’s not that other things need 100% of our time and energy or we shut them out – it may be a 45-second hug, offering 5 minutes to see what your children want to show you, and then they move on and you move on to your thing.

I also quote a study about distractions in this podcast as “18 minutes” but having found the reference (see below) it’s an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds for us to get back to our task after an interruption.

Following a listener idea, I video recorded this episode and thus the unedited version with my cats on screen can be found HERE.

Blog post about Interruptions

The Cost of Interrupted Work (23 minutes to get back on track after distractions) Paper
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What are you planning, and how can you pace yourself this month?

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