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Refuse To Be Categorised: An Interview with Leonie Dawson [Explicit] | #44

Today I’m interviewing the amazing, wondrous Leonie Dawson, complete with swearing. You have been warned!

Want to see the unedited video of us chatting? Click Here.

We spoke about:

  • How we are animals (and zebras don’t base their worth on the width of their stripes)
  • Leonie’s dad, a North Queensland sixth generation wild bushman cattle farmer could join David Attenborough on Nature Documentaries.
  • Using cognitive therapy concepts to undo the conditioning of the patriarchy
  • Why Leonie gave up “conforming to the standard view of being a woman” after 3 hours.
  • Considering how you want to prioritise your time and energy, to actively create your life
  • Why your inner compass should point to ‘fun’
  • How she has implemented life rules that work for her family, such as “this is a working home” and “my kids (age 7 and 11) both go to bed at 630.”
  • Separating business creativity and personal creativity
  • How television can be beneficial to our creativity and her current favourite shows to watch
  • “Discerning between projects” by considering the value/quality of the task



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