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How to Craft a Life Balance that Makes Damn Sense | #49

Life Balance is one of those highly-valued aspects some people claim doesn’t even exist. After all, how is it even possible to ‘balance’ everything? Food, work, sleep, play, health, family, friends, creative pursuits and that pull of that potential best self… It’s overwhelming.


The word ‘balance’ itself doesn’t just refer to things which are ‘equal’ but can refer to being in the correct ‘proportions.’ Eight hours of sleep may be an aim while eight hours of eating would be too much. Well, for me anyway.


If you struggle with knowing how much is “too much” to expect of the human brain, check on out the 7 Things Rule. If you’re ready to explore bringing about more balance in your life, let’s dive in.

– Not sure where to start? Check out my Everything list.
Finishing Projects (for those who start everything) Ecourse (£49)
The Magical Number Seven (Plus Or Minus Two)
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