What people say about me and the work we’ve done together

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It was the “Life Kick Up the Bum” that I needed.

“Katy helped unravel me... I felt tied up in mental knots and she teased them out. Talking to Katy definitely woke me up and made me tackle the things in my life that I wasn’t happy with. I was really stuck there for a while. Things got better when I began to see the rejections as a nudge onto the better path. It was a “Life Kick Up the Bum” that I needed. I have plenty of ideas and ambitions to get motivated on but having a focus was an obstacle. I ran 3 times this week, had a lovely hike yesterday and am feeling physically really good. She had more impact than she knows."

Now I have something ‘to do’ about it, rather than just hoping my anxieties go away.

"Working with Katy helped me sharpen my focus, and gave me some direction. One session connected what I was planning to what I was anxious about. That tells me that I’ve already ‘got my own back’ in a way, but I hadn’t it seen it that way. Making this connection together put my mind at ease. Now I have more clarity, and a pathway to focus on: something ‘to do’ about it, rather than just hoping my anxieties go away in time."

I'm now better at asking for help.

“Katy guided me through the process to a really positive place. I can be a bit hesitant or defensive, but her manner put me at ease straight away. It was very reassuring, especially the way she managed to break things down into manageable steps with a really positive focus. I always find it a bit daunting to talk about goals – I have a tendency to go after everything at once – but talking with Katy was really constructive. I'm now better at asking for help and have been using the tools Katy taught me to think about how to make life a bit more nourishing. I'm still grateful for that."
– Angharad, APOTHECARY

Katy knows the inner and outer worlds need to be integrated.

“What really struck me about working with Katy-Rose the most was how quickly she understood and validated the difficulties I experienced with the vague, “inner-only” approaches to self-improvement. I’m heartened she is in the world doing this work!”

I realised that small daily tasks work best for me.

"The takeaway for me was twofold: learning how to feel like I’m managing my time well without having to log it, and that I don’t actively schedule downtime minus nighttime reading."

I am meditating more following our session.

"The session was very uplifting, and although structured, sparked deeper perspective and paths to explore. Talking with Katy helped me see that I was being hard on myself and just took the pressure away. Ironically, I am meditating more just through being more gentle on my expectations of myself following our session."

Katy helped me unravel my thoughts.

"I will be the first to admit that before my session, I was a bit sceptical of life coaching. Katy was very down to earth and asked great questions to help me unravel my thoughts and why I may not be reaching my potential in several areas; especially in relation to my career."

I now see the real problem and have a clear solution.

"Katy-Rose is fabulous. She gently pulls back the layers to show you the real problem and then walks you through the issues to find a solution. She’s just brilliant. I strongly recommend her to anyone having trouble focusing and finding their way forward. You must work with her!"
– Mhairi, WRITER

I’ve found clarity and feel reassured about the next leg of my journey.

"My call helped me to find clarity in my visions and dreams: to map through what I was excelling at and how I could move forwards in other areas. It gave me the reassurance that I was moving towards my potential and allowed me to see how far I had come, as well as new steps to take for the next leg of my journey."
– Aiyana, NURSE

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