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Constantly Caught in the
Weeds of Overwhelm?

Ground yourself in the moment and uproot yourself from the undergrowth of overwhelm:

  • Separate from immediate panic and gain mental space
  • Break free from overwhelm in the next 15 minutes
  • Recognise when things need pruning (to minimise getting too deep in the first place!)
  • Set up systems that keep your forest healthy in all soil conditions

Break Free From The Undergrowth

It's natural to feel overwhelmed, Seeker.

The undergrowth has a sneaky way of trapping us before we’ve even realised it’s there.

Our brains are not capable of holding onto so many things at once. That’s not a failure, that’s called being human.

The advice, the ideas, the guidance, the suggestions, the doubts, the shoulds and musts… Even by your own to-do list.

You know ‘what’ to do, but feel conflicted by the different priorities. Perhaps you’re in a ‘tizz’ at the moment and just want to step back and feel able to breathe for a moment.

It’s not your fault no one taught you to handle all of this information. In fact, I wonder if they deliberately keep us from the skills so we have to rely on them.

The pull of your potential, of reinvention, is not some character defect in you. 

Just Take The First Step.

If you want to understand what’s holding you back, and just identify that very first step and then DO IT – This workbook is for YOU.

In 28-pages, you’ll cover:
-Grounding In The Moment 
-Untangling Overwhelm
-Weed Management Skills
-My 5-minute Check-In Checklist 

There is some “why we are like this” information in this book, but the main bulk has exercises to take you from completely overwhelmed to exhaling as you plan that first piece of the puzzle

This is self-help, science, and practical strategy for seekers, reinventors and self-help questers.


A portion of all profits are donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

Why Learn From Me?

With over a decade in the wellbeing industry, I know that overwhelm (and burnout, often a side-effect in the health industry) is one of the most common and debilitating experiences of our modern age.

Now I offer practical teachings which merge science, spirit, and self-help strategy.

Having always felt that there was something wrong with me, I sought out the 'truth' via education in psychology (BSc), neuroscience (MSc), and cognitive therapy qualifications (PGCert), and then spent over 15 years implementing my findings through self-development.

Now I teach these skills, merging practical life experience with academic knowledge so that you get the best of both worlds.

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As this is an instant digital download, there are no refunds.

No part of this workbook is given as medical advice, although the techniques are based on low intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  

Please also note that a percentage of all sales are donated to the Mental Health Foundation. My training and background are in mental health, as well as having lived experience myself, and thus this is my way to ensure I’m supporting that field even though I do not offer mental health treatment within this business. See my Terms and Privacy for further details.

Got a question not listed here? Email and let me answer it.

I realised that small daily tasks work best for me.

"The takeaway for me was twofold: learning how to feel like I’m managing my time well without having to log it, and that I don’t actively schedule downtime minus nighttime reading. I realised that small daily tasks work best for me to incorporate habits."


A portion of all profits are donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

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