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Ready to finally finish your projects?

In this course you will find a few of the key foundations for  choosing, planning, and completing certain tasks and projects to work towards your bigger goal.

We start with identifying your projects, move into why small steps work, then how to prioritise them, and finally focus on managing time and energy: two main blocks to us completing tasks.

Welcome To Finishing Projects for People Who Start Everything: a Guide for Over-committers!

Hello! It’s good to see you. And welcome to Finishing Projects!

Let’s get you your workshop files. 🙂

Just right-click the links below to download each of the files (or click directly on them if you’re viewing on a mobile device.)

If you feel someone else would benefit from this course, please direct them to this link to sign up for themselves rather than sharing the direct resources. 


Start at the Beginning!

Here goes!
Let's get started - learn why you're here, what we'll cover, and how to take the very first steps.

* Introduction Handout

* VIDEO: Introduction

Module One: Laying the Foundations

Here we cover the basic foundations - why we act as we do and how to navigate the difficulties.
We'll be discussing Permission Slips, Obstacles, Failure and Checking in

* Module 1 - Handout

* VIDEO: Managing Overwhelm + Shiny Object Syndrome

* VIDEO: Myths of Habit-Changing

Module Two: Reflecting on Progress

Explore what you already know does or does not work for you. We discuss Project-Life-Balance, Picking and Prioritising a Project, and the Myths around Self-Discipline.

* Module 2 - Handout

* VIDEO: How to Pick Projects for Self-Reinvention

* Additional Handout - Spoons and Task Selection

* Additional Handout - Visual Project Plan

Module Three: Crafting Steps Forward

This is the 'making progress' part, now you know what you're working towards. We discuss Baby Steps in all their forms, including how to craft them, and how to put them back together again.

* Module 3 - Handout


* Additional Handout - Baby Steps Don't Work for Me

Module Four: Firing Up Motivation

This is the place to focus when you are struggling for energy, feeling discouraged, or just running out of steam on any one specific idea. We hone in on that motivation, the drive and the passion that fuels your project into existence.

* Module 4 - Handout

* VIDEO - Now What? [Course Summary]

* Additional Handout - Managing Overwhelm

katyrose and smoke cat

Enjoy the course – and please write in to let me know your progress! I'd love to hear when your new product is done! 🙂

If at any point you want a high-five, help with your project, or have a question, please do not hesitate to email me at


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