Want to level up your life without losing everything you are on the inside?

Reinvent who you are without burning your life to the damn ground.

We are creating a home for wild creatives & seekers to reinvent their lives in.

What Is This?

The Rooted Reinvention explores the real-world journey of reinventing who we are, without burning out or burning our whole life down. Because being yourself doesn’t need to feel so damn hard™.

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I’m Katy-Rose: Creative Writer, Reinventor, & Educator.

I’ve been helping wild creatives and practical deep thinkers reinvent their lives since 2011, when I realised that understanding our inner power is truly a secret weapon for confidence, progress, and wellbeing. I still can’t believe we’re not taught this stuff in school.

With a decade in the wellbeing industry, education in neuroscience and psychology, and over 15 years of exploring self-development, I wanted to meld science with spirit, to offer practical and intuitive tools to help other seekers of personal growth feel in control of their personal reinvention, and avoid burnout or starting from scratch.

Put simply, we cover the 5 stages of knowing ourselves:

– Understand what drives you (and how to harness that power)
– Reflect on what works for you specifically (this is not a one-size fits all quick-fix)
– Explore your energy and connect to the aspects of your life which fuel you to keep moving forward (even on those low days)
– Seek your roots so you have a clear direction to head in (knowing what you want)
– Identify the action steps (and learn how to get from planning to actually doing)

Is This For You?

The Rooted Community Includes:

image of course pageCommunity Space
• A community to meet other seekers and share your struggles, resources, and wins with others who ‘get it.’

Library of Digital Resources
• Access the Library of Resources including workbooks, checklists, video recordings, audio files and single articles on reinvention and self-development

Seasonal Workbooks + Content (audio and live)
• Each season we cover a different topic lesson, including workbook and audio lesson on applying the theme to your own journey with time to actually integrate the lessons.

Accountability from Other Seekers
• We’ve all been there: you plan for progress and then… things get in the way and we get frustrated. Regular check-in threads and prompts will help to keep you on track with your reinvention; no matter how weird 2021 gets!

Community Forum Sections to Explore Specific Topics
• Topic groups to connect specifically with others on recent research & topics, including Neuroscience, Mental Wellbeing, Creative Writing, Identity, & Language.

In summary, this community offers space to meet other seekers, learn about the scientific, evidence-based, & spiritual self-help processes, get support and coaching to apply the techniques to your own life, attend live teachings (also recorded), and cover a different theme each season (3-monthly), which you can even vote on.

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A portion of all profits are donated to the Mental Health Foundation & Mind mental health charities.


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