A great creaking bookcase opens to reveal the hidden library.

You step through, holding your breath as the dust from the disturbance settles back on each shelf.


This is the beginning of a Rooted Reinvention:

a place to find what is inside you, and learn to harness that power.



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This page has everything you need to start identifying where you are, understanding what that pull toward reinvention really means for you, and take those first manageable baby steps toward your levelled-up self.

And as resources, I’m including workbooks, mini-module ebooks, recommended reading, youtube playlists, favourite self-care items, and cute cat photos. Because what more could you want? 🙂

[Some of the links below are affiliate, but they don’t cost you anything extra: I just get a portion of the purchase for sharing about it.]

Happy Reinventing!
Katy-Rose Bye, Psychological Practitioner

Printable Workbooks:

4 Steps to Reinvent your Path

[Psst...Start Here] – 4 simple steps to harness your motivation & build momentum; so you can take action on your reinvention rooted in who you are meant to be.

A Guide to Breaking Free of Overwhelm

(in about 20 minutes)
[Can't Start? Start Here.] - A couple of techniques to help break out of that momentary panic that overwhelm can bring. Quick-fixes for short term distress.



Youtube Playlist: Wellbeing Need-A-Smile Clips

My go-to videos for those moments you need a smile or a distraction. Great for transitioning from an emotional moment to a more mindful one.

And if you want MOTIVATING MUSIC, here’s my Ignite Your Inner Fire (a playlist of motivating songs to sing and dance to.)

Cat Photos:

In need of cute cat photos to make you smile? Here are a couple of community favourites [to be uploaded June 2020]

  • Smoke lying down
  • Ember looking cute
  • Smoke and Ember cuddling


Recommended Self-Development Books:


Recommended Self-care Products:

  • SkyOrganics Lipbalm: These smell amazing, make me feel like I’m taking care of myself, and are organic.
  • Leschi Warming Pillow: Another self-care item, myself and my husband each have one of these microwavable heat packs for the neck. Great for comfort, warmth and I love wearing it on video calls to start a conversation.
  • Extra Fine Mesh Tea Infuser: I’m sharing this because I use herbal tea leaves and so many of the infusers let through the leaves. This one doesn’t, and the lid is also a stand for the basket while you drink.
  • Pilot V5 Pens: These are my favourite pens ever. For journaling, scrap-booking, to-do lists and sketching. In alllllll of the colours.


Wild Souls I Believe In:

  • Danielle LaPorte: I am a Desire Map facilitator and have been following this instinctive lady for years. She was definitely one of the beginnings of me listening to my inner wildfire.
  • Leonie Dawson: I’ve followed this wonderful woman since 2010, pretty much buying everything she created. These days I’m a member of her Get Shit Done Club, and although I haven’t taken this specific money course, I took similar-themed ones from her back in the day (which helped me get a biz up and running in 2011).
  • Ashleigh Ambirge: Again, I’ve followed this badass since April 2011 and her book The Middle Finger Project blew my socks off this year.


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