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The Rooted Rebellion

Reinventing the idea of ‘home’
for wildfires, creatives, + seekers.

A community focused on reinventing personal development
– melding science, spirit, and self-help, –
without burning ourselves out or burning our whole life down.

Turn dreams into consistent action,
feel capable against all the ‘shoulds’,
and find clarity amidst overwhelm.

Welcome to the Rebellion. 

This is for you, if you:

• Feel pulled to constantly evolve as a person.

• You value the meld of spirit, self-help, and science to create a 'whole' process.

• You feel stuck or lost as though your compass is broken.

• Feel confused by the conflicting advice.

• Need accountability and support to thrive.

The Rooted Rebellion

Exploring the real-world journey of reinventing who we are, without burning out or burning our whole life down. Because being yourself doesn’t need to feel so damn hard.

A major difficulty for wildfires like us
is the wind trying to change our direction or put us out.

A wildfire’s greatest threat is
dwindling to just
– or worse – to ashes.

The solution for any dying fire is to maintain three keys: fuel, heat, and oxygen.
That’s consistent motivation, support against self-doubt and a clear direction.

That’s what ignited  the Rebellion. 

I see you, Seeker.

You are driven to grow, to evolve, to reinvent yourself. You’ve been ‘working on yourself’ for YEARS. You’ve done all the things to make it this far in the first ‘effing place,
only to feel you need to rebuild, yet again.

Its exhausting. It’s agonising.
You’re filled with self-doubt. 
Sometimes you have to burn it all to the ground but maybe you’ve done that before and
you can feel that this isn’t one of those times.

You’ve walked this path so many times, you don’t stick out any possible route long enough to see if this is ‘the one.

You’ve already rebuilt several times. 
You’re not even sure what needs to be changed,

The pull of reinvention is not some character defect in you. 
It’s not your fault no one taught you to handle
the growth we humans are wired to constantly seek.

Are You Ready To Learn?

We seekers often feel alone in our reinvention – misunderstood as we don’t just ‘settle’ for ‘good enough’ as society asks us to. But you are not alone. There are more of us than we realise. 

In this community, we walk the journey together: figuring out directions, reading the compass, and offering a steadying hand for those rocky patches that threaten our balance. 

This community space is for if you need help to:
-understand what you already know about your roots
-gain clarity on your direction moving forward
-turn ‘dreams’ into practical steps
-read your compass when feeling ‘lost’
-learn the life skills school never taught you
-break free from overwhelm
-access support from others like you
-set up wellbeing systems that keep you on-track

This is self-help, science, and practical strategy for seekers, reinventors and self-help questers.

Reinvent who you are without burning your life to the damn ground.

Sign up for The Rooted Rebellion:

£10 a month or £27 for 3 months

[New memberships are paused as we move platforms: we’ll re-open in February 2024 so click below to be notified of the relaunch!]

A portion of all profits are donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

What You Get:

The Rooted Community Includes:

Community Forums for Accountability & Clarity
• A community to meet other seekers and share your struggles, resources, and wins with others who ‘get it.’
• Topic groups to connect specifically with others on recent research & topics, including Neuroscience, Mental Wellbeing, Creative Writing, Identity, & Language.

Library of Digital Resources
• Access the Library of Resources including mini modules, workbooks, checklists, video recordings, audio files and single articles on reinvention and self-development.
"Redefine Your Life", my £9 ebook is included in your first month's payment.

Seasonal Workbooks + Content (Next Season is Spring 2024)
• Each season we cover a different topic, including a workbook and video lesson on applying the theme to your own journey with time to actually integrate the lessons.

In summary, this community offers space to meet other seekers, learn about the scientific, evidence-based, & spiritual self-help processes, get support and coaching to apply the techniques to your own life, and video lessons for a different theme each season (3-monthly).

Why Learn From Me?

With over a decade in the wellbeing industry, education in neuroscience (MSc) cognitive therapy (PGCert), and psychology (BSc), and 15 years exploring self-development, I offer practical teachings which merge science, spirit and strategy.

I merge practical life experience with academic knowledge so that you get the best of both worlds.

In this work, we cover 5 stages of knowing ourselves in the Rooted Reinvention format:
- Understand what drives you (and how to harness that power)
- Reflect on what works for you specifically (this is not a one-size fits all quick-fix)
- Explore your energy and connect to the aspects of your life which fuel you to keep moving forward (even on those low days)
- Seek your roots so you have a clear direction to head in (knowing what you want)
- Identify the action steps (and learn how to get from planning to actually doing)


The Small Print

– As subscription allows instant access to the digital resources and forum, there are no refunds. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

– All membership tiers includes a copy of Redefine Your Life upon signing up.

– A percentage of all sales are donated to the Mental Health Foundation. See my Terms and Privacy for further details.

Got a question not listed here? Email and let me answer it.

Sign up for

£10 a month or £27 for 3 months

[New memberships are paused as we move platforms: we’ll re-open in February 2024 so click below to be notified of the relaunch!]

A portion of all profits are donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

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