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Untangle Your Unhelpful Thoughts

to manage that negative self-talk

Learn how to untangle the thicket of thoughts and how to: 

  • Respond differently to the thoughts you can’t stop
  • Challenge the unhelpful thinking styles you often believe
  • Question if your thoughts are facts or just an unfounded belief
  • Re-wire your brain to consider more balanced thoughts

Untangle Your Unhelpful Thoughts

(without blaming or brain-washing yourself)

I see those thoughts, Seeker.

You over-think. And over-think. 

You’re overwhelmed by all the thoughts in your head.

You get so wrapped up in the possibilities, the ‘what ifs’ and the meaning of everything that happens around you.

Not to mention all the things you do which don’t feel right, which feel broken, or where you doubt yourself.

You know what to do, but your mind holds you back with doubts, fears, and negative self-talk.

You know you can reinvent how you think, you just don’t know where to actually start.  

It’s not your fault no one taught you to handle those automatic thoughts. The pull of reinvention is not some character defect in you.

Are you ready to learn? 

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Knowledge is a Secret Weapon...

If you want to understand why your mind always notices the negatives, and what you can do about it (without just brain-washing yourself with positives you don’t actually believe in). This workbook covering nine CBT-based strategies to manage that unpleasant self-talk, with a simple checklist for ease of use, is for you.

Split into two sections, you’ll gain understanding of How Our Thoughts Hijack Us: the psychological and neurological basis for our thoughts being so unhelpful in our modern day life.

Then in the second half, Understanding Unhelpful Thought Types, you’ll learn how to manage different types of thought and how to take back control. 

Practising these skills with the quick-look checklist will rewire your brain over time to think in a more balanced manner. To minimise how often you find yourself believing those worst case scenarios!

This is self-help, science, and practical strategy for seekers, reinventors, and self-help questers.


A portion of all profits are donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

Why Learn From Me?

With over a decade in the wellbeing industry, I began to see that our thoughts are one of the few tools we have control over in our lives.

Now I offer practical teachings which merge science, spirit, and self-help strategy.

Having always felt that there was something wrong with me, I sought out the 'truth' via education in psychology (BSc), neuroscience (MSc), and cognitive therapy qualifications (PGCert), and then spent over 15 years implementing my findings through self-development.

Now I teach these skills, merging practical life experience with academic knowledge so that you get the best of both worlds.

Katyrose photo

Katy knows the inner and outer worlds need to be integrated.

“What really struck me about working with Katy-Rose the most was how quickly she understood and validated the difficulties I experienced with the vague, “inner-only” approaches to self-improvement. I’m heartened she is in the world doing this work!”


This is a downloadable workbook and checklist, instantly available for your to save to your device upon purchase. 

As this is an instant digital download, there are no refunds.

No part of this training is given as medical advice, although the techniques are based on low intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  

A percentage of all sales are donated to the Mental Health Foundation. My training and background are in mental health, as well as having lived experience myself, and this is my way to ensure I’m supporting that field even though I do not offer mental health treatment within this business. See my Terms and Privacy for further details.

Got a question not listed here? Email and let me answer it.


A portion of all profits are donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

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