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Works in Progress

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We’re all works in progress.


I don’t believe we’re ever truly ‘done’ with growing, with inventing ourselves or evolving our personalities. I’m not very good at giving up, and I’ve spent decades reinventing myself. I believe it’s okay to have different sides of ourselves, different costumes.

My business is no different. What began in 2011 as The Phoenix Mind, has now evolved to Rooted Reinvention. Because as I shift, grow and change, so do my skills, my experience and the needs of the people I help.

I’m a serial reinventor, someone who felt lost in a world of “why can’t you just be yourself?” I wondered what was wrong with me. Yet, some aspects of reinvention are understood.

From a developmental perspective, from the age of 3 and 6, its appropriate for kids to “try on different ways of being.” As teenagers, we are expected to “find our identity” and “push the rules” and “test boundaries.” As adults, we know that wearing a smart shirt means we feel more productive than our PJs.

It is so hard to be an aware, driven, soul-searcher paying attention in a world of disconnected and disassociated beings. And yet, we cannot separate our past from the present or the future.


We’re all rooted.

From my spiritual belief of human connection, to the psychology that shows humans only thrive with some kind of community, to the quantum physics aspect of all atoms connecting (and the Field of possible shared consciousness of those atoms)… Connection and Flow are the constants.

And from my own experience, I can truly say that we can reinvent ourselves without burning down our ‘current life.’ We can use where you are as the rooted, connected, stable foundation for your next chapter.


And as Richard War put it: “Pain that is not transformed will always be transmitted.”

We are the transformers, the souls connecting every part of ourselves to really thrive. We’re ready for the next chapter.

Welcome to Rooted Reinvention.

You’re in good company here.

Things To Do Next…


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