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Word for 2020 — Steadfast

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Back in September, my business coach Michelle asked me to define how I wanted to feel, how I want people to feel after working with me.

We spoke for a while, I did some reflection, but the very first word I came up with on that call was “steadfast.” I wasn’t quite sure how I got there, but there was this very clear message in my mind that this is my current mission.

We talked about this from a position of my reinvention skills programme, and the conversation was around being clear about what I wanted to talk about with those people. Yet, that conversation has stayed with me, stuck in the back of my mind and arising whenever I begin to feel unsure of my next step.

Exploring Words 

During the conversation, I couldn’t find the exact words. Part of it, is acceptance: that ‘inner knowing’ of where you are and what you’re doing and feeling right now.

Part of it is that faith, that belief that change is possible. Yet, the term faith is loaded with so many connotations. I attended a Catholic school which had a chapel attached to the building for five years. I consider myself a Pagan in terms of religion these days. So, for me, that phrase comes with a lot of “shoulds” and meanings.

So, moving on from the belief space, to self-belief, I guess, I moved into the words I would use to describe that “after” state.

The After-Effect

How are people once they have completed a Rooted Reinvention?

» Reliable
» Determination
» Constancy
» Resolution
» Persistence

We Reinventors, once awakened and rooted…
We are Decisive. Driven. Brave. The fire within us is lit up and we know our Inner Strength. We take Action.

It is a kind of Steadfastedness.

In that conversation, we explored how the whole transformation cannot be summed up in one word, and that each person will experience it differently… Each reinvention is individual to us, and our space right now.

I thought about the trifecta: the trio of key aspects I bring together.
» Spirit, Science and Self-help.
» Know, Plan, and Ignite.
» Drive, Flexibility, and Balance.

So with those ideas in mind, I then looked it up; cross-referencing the idea against those core values which already guide me.

Some Definitions

So, looking up Steadfast in the dictionaries, there are some key themes appearing which will hopefully be my compass for 2020.

» not changing your opinions or actions, because you have a strong belief in someone or something.
» staying the same for a long time and not changing quickly or unexpectedly
» firm in belief, determination, or adherence: loyal.
» firm resistance to any temptation to desert or betray.
» continuing firmness of emotional attachment without necessarily implying strict obedience to promises or vows.
» refusing to change it or to give up.

And one of my favourite definitions I found: “Someone who is firm and determined in a belief or a position can be called steadfast in that view, like your mom when she thinks you really shouldn’t wear that outfit.”


My Steadfast Summary for 2020

Steadfastness, for me, is that combination of self-acceptance (which Michelle renamed confidence), that resolution that things change and this is how I will live my life, and that balance of “things are here now” with “I change these aspects ” to be flexible enough in the world to shift as we get new information, as we grow, or as the environment changes…. And then the bravery and courage to act -> to craft the balance between those two aspects reliably.

And this is probably one of my key issues with wordings (is that even a phrase? ’tis now!). I merge psychology, neuroscience and linguistics with meditation, gratitude and journalling. I am a holistic practitioner who knows that reducing the ‘answer’ to one thing just isn’t true. It’s not real.

But I know that merging what we know is true for us, and amalgamating that strength, that drive, and the bending of those branches leaves us soul-searchers feeling alive, feeling capable (resilient), and trusting ourselves.

And in short, that is what I am here to do. That is how I want to define 2020.


How will you be defining this new decade?

Things To Do Next…

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