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What Is Enough? Permission to Change (Before We Hit Rock Bottom) | #46

June has been a hard month, and today I am asking ‘when is enough?’ I’m exploring why we can do the FODMAP diet to look for food intolerances but when it comes to our behaviour, we’re expected to only change things if everything is broken or at rock bottom – we need to have enough of a reason to make a change socially acceptable.

“You can get a new pair of jeans and this doesn’t mean you’re mad at your old pair of jeans – that they may not fit how they used to, or you want a different feeling today… Change is scary when things aren’t broken.” Tiffany Han

“The secret to strength is the ability to hold yourself up, when gravity is pulling you down. And it doesn’t matter if you modified, or made it easier, or you took a break. You showed up and you held yourself up even as gravity pulled you down.” – Sarah Beth


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How much harder are you making your life? How much pressure are you putting on yourself? And what’s ENOUGH for you?


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