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Secret Weapon #2: Systemise Your Sights

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When making a change in our lives, setting goals or steps is one of the first things to consider. But goal-setting, aside from having its own section in the library these days, can be made less complicated. For this, I recommend crafting a system. Once you know what you want to change, identifying the smaller steps is crucial to long-term success… especially when reinventing yourself permanently.

This makes sense, especially considering rooted reinvention is that journey that continues the path you’re already walking; instead of discarding all the progress you’ve already made.

I’ve been re-assessing my goals for the year, completing my quarterly journal review, and this had led to the usual reconsideration of my priorities.

planning tracking review system goals progress journal

I’m driven to grow.

Like many driven reinventors, I can’t focus on just one goal for a year or two; each of my goals is a strand I don’t intend to ever ‘finish’ just something to keep levelling up.

I want to be physically strong and well, but going to the gym for a year will only lead me to that strength for a short while unless I keep up the habit of exercise and healthy eating.

I want to write novels, but I’m a decade into my writing journey, and with 3 short stories published, 7 novel manuscripts done and 4 I feel might be publishable with edits, my ‘writing’ habits are also not something I’m willing to give up long-term.

Taking baby steps is a system.

Bullet journaling isn’t for me. But tracking when I’ve showed up and reviewing how I’m doing is crucial.

I have a lot of goals, and taking baby steps, I make small progress consistently.

The key for me, is rather than focus on making daily habits, I set up a system that moves me towards the goal (whatever is in my sights.)

Rather than focus on achieving an outcome each day, showing up is enough.

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Because showing up is half the battle.

I used to have specific goals for a daily wordcount, and if I felt I wouldn’t meet it, I just didn’t begin. The idea of avoiding it was less painful than ‘failing.’ Instead, I now have a ‘system’ where I show up to my writing desk 3x a week with the idea of ‘writing something.’

Now, I’m not saying I don’t plan, or that I don’t review my wordcount. I have aims for the quarter and the year. If I find I’m running behind at a review, I shift around those systems to help balance out that progress.

In the next 3-months, I’m setting aside time to write fiction, and switching out my official workouts to ‘movement’ which will now include dance, stretching, yoga and workouts. This flexibility will not get me running a marathon in the next 3 months. But by shifting those priorities around like sliders, I’m not completely giving up my fitness goals to write.

Once you’ve outlined what you want to shift, to change, to reinvent… Consider where in your time and energy those baby steps for continuous improvement can come. That, is the beginning of your system.  

Want some support to weave those systems together to grow strong and stable? [Yes, Brits, pun intended.]
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