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Reflection on the Year: Part II – My Goals

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I spoke last time about how 2019 reduced me to a soup. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I want to talk about my reinvention for 2020. We’re two weeks in, and things are plodding along at a steady (and manageable!) pace.

My 2020 Goals Plan

Essentially, I have 3 ‘life projects’ that are split into 14 tasks.
However, before you narrow your eyes, and my mind starts berating me for setting myself up to fail, I want to explain them a little more. Also, if you don’t know about the psychology behind keeping things to X number of projects, click here to learn about it.

The Projects
My three sections’ are my two business ventures: coaching and writing… and then the generic life category of wellness.’ Now, I do still have other projects’, but I’m not setting any goals relating to them right now.

For those who don’t know, I write fiction under the pen name of K.R. Green. I’m also working on a non-fiction project that is very slowly coming together.

Tips and Tricks
The other two tricks’ I’m using are that I only have a couple of “new goals” – the rest are continuations of some kind of prior habit. And secondly, where I wanted to do more, i just set a goal to TRACK WHAT I ALREADY DO.

The art of tracking itself changes our behaviour a huge amount: knowing I haven’t stretched today, seeing I haven’t crossed that box of, or knowing I’ll need to add that item to my calorie or money spent tracker… it influences our behaviour. But there’s not “aim” for me to fail.

Reflection is Crucial

In 2011, having 3 life areas with six overall goals worked for me. I picked my word “Strength,” split it between physical, mental and spiritual… then chose 2 actions’ per section. This works for me. It may not work for you and that’s okay.

The “right answer” here is to reflect on what has worked for you in the past: not to take my method as gospel.

I’ve used that learning to design my 2020 resolutions. All with an aim of feeling stable, rooted and energised. My word for 2020 is Steadfast .

Now that we’ve clarified my tips for goal-setting, I’m going to share mine for 2020. These will be reviewed, and thus may change. And that’s okay. That’s real-life.

My ‘Steadfast Katy-Rose’ Overview

I use two ways to group my goals. One is by frequency, and one by “goal or track.”

My goals are simply to meditate daily, write in my gratitude evidence log daily, write weekly, socialise monthly and complete the full housework rota’ monthly.

That is 5 goals per month: 2 daily, 1 weekly.
Keeping it realistic and achievable is key. I’ve been socialising monthly for over a year. Meditating daily for over 3 months. These are not five new daily expectations.

And then, I’m tracking a few things:
DAILY: Did I move my body?
WEEKLY: Did I journal? And have a date with husband? Did I complete my coaching outreach?
MONTHLY: Did I read? Learn via a TED talk or course? Pay attention to my eating and how it impacts my body?

And that’s my 2020 so far, folks.

How is your January going, and where could you reflect on your resolutions? If you want to know more about how I handle the ups and downs of this, get yourself on my email list and grab the reinvention starter kit for free.

Things To Do Next…

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